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Aiming to Prevent Lung Cancer With the Drug Oral Iloprost


Clinical Stage Pharmaceutical Company in Seattle

PHAIT, Inc. is a clinical-stage private pharmaceutical company in Seattle. We aim to prevent lung cancer, the world’s #1 cancer killer, by reversing the malignant progression of bronchial dysplasia. Our seasoned team leads clinical trials for Iloprost to gain FDA approval to market oral iloprost for patients at high risk for lung cancer, patients with resected early-stage lung cancer, and patients with COPD. (Predictive Health Analytics Institute) is a 501(c)(3) that serves as the non-profit complement to for the purpose of research, clinical studies, and education for cancer prevention that utilizes interventional therapies.


Iloprost (oral form) targets all patients at risk of lung cancer. It addresses a significantly larger market than patients who already have lung cancer. In the U.S. alone, there are around 14.6 million patients.

Iloprost is an anti-tumorigenic and anti-inflammatory prostacyclin derivative created by Schering (Bayer). It functions by activating PPAR through the Frizzled-9 receptor, which prevents angiogenesis, epithelial to mesenchymal transition, and cell proliferation. This drug prevents or reverses bronchial dysplasia, the precancerous condition that represents the window of cancer interception.



For decades, Iloprost has been used worldwide in a wide range of treatments.

  • Peripheral Occlusion Disease (Intravenous Application)
  • Raynaud’s Disease (Intravenous Application)
  • Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension—PAH (Inhaled Application)

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Iloprost in the oral form has been successfully used in clinical studies supported by the National Cancer Institute and University of Colorado research for the purpose of chemoprevention of lung cancer. Due to the necessity to maintain high and constant systemic levels of the medication, only oral Iloprost demonstrated effectiveness to reduce dysplasia that can lead to lung cancer. 

We are also working with another business to create a non-invasive companion diagnostic test for bronchial dysplasia patients who do not exhibit symptoms.

Clinical Success

  • Decades of Usage in the Treatment of PAH Show That the Medication is Well Tolerated.
  • Oral Ilopost Was Shown to Reduce Bronchial Dysplasia in a Successful and Published Phase II Clinical Study
  • U. Colorado Led, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled.
  • Dysplasia Index (DI) Declined >50% After 6 Months of Oral Iloprost Treatment.
  • Published Results (Keith RL. Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2011;4(6):793-802).
  • Phase II/III clinical studies planned for 3 high-risk patient populations for the chemoprevention of lung cancer
  • Patients With Resected Early-stage Lung Cancer Are at Elevated Risk of Second Primary Cancer, Expected Orphan Drug Designation.
  • Patients With COPD Who No Longer Smoke.
  • Patients Who Test Positive for Bronchial Dysplasia Are Classified as Having a High Risk of Developing Lung Cancer by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Market Exclusivity

  • 10-year Worldwide Exclusive License and Supply Agreement with Bayer AG for Iloprost API with Tech Transfer Option.
  • U.S. Patent 11,065,260 B1 Issued July 20, 2021, Method of Treatment for Reducing Pulmonary Inflammation in a Patient with Pathogen Infection Using Oral Prostacyclin Analog Drugs (for Example, to Treat Pulmonary Inflammation in ARDS Patients).

Our Inspiration

PHAIT (pronounced "fate") stands for Prevention Health And Interception Therapeutics. Our name is inspired by the legend of the three Fates of Greek mythology. The three Fates or Goddesses determine the length of a person's life by spinning, measuring, and cutting the thread of life. PHAIT aspires to extend the life of individuals by prevention of disease. 

If you would like to read about the legend,